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plans for act1

Posted by leave2gether - 1 month ago

New version 36 is out (public 34) and we have some project info to sum up.

Last half a year we were working on act2 in parallel (rather less successful then more) while keeping act1 running. As a result we had pretty few outcomes for act2 - it turned out (surprise!) that we don't have enough resources to run development for both games simultaneously. For example it is pretty hard (next to impossible) to hire extra artist, who can keep up with current game style, or extra animator, who can do stuff at current level as well. 

We've learned from this, and changed our plan. What we are doing now:

  • Hiring second animator (still no luck with this, but I keep trying)
  • We added one more artist to our team, who try / learn to keep current art style for scenes and characters
  • We try working with new artist, who suppose to do locations for act2 (not much result here yet).
  • We continue act2 development in parallel (Right now I'm doing a kind of  Unity-based scene-maker framework, that will allow to setup dialogue scenes nice, fast and easy. As well as we are doing characters and locations concepts)
  • We draw and end-line for act1

The plan is to make last act1 release around January 2020. No worries, Act2 will continue many story lines from act1 as well as most characters will get into act2 (I will make another post dedicated to act2 current stage & plans later this or next week)

Our road-map and planned scenes for act1 looks as following:

  • October: Release v36 (Lana's first and Lana's nightmare#2)
  • November: Release v37 (Brothers share Casey, Meet Boss (2 variants) reworked & extended)
  • December-January v38 (Ram blindfolded, Kelly and Casey blowjob for Jack, rework of Casey Inspiration scene (when Jack / Ram jerk on her)

v38 will be the last act1 version and after that we will wholly concentrate on doing act2. 

I can't promise that we will have act2 ready for some playable point at January nor that we will have any scenes ready for it till that time - but moving to act2 is a hard step that need to be taken



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отлично, будем с нетерпением ждать и спасибо что не бросаете проект, он классный!

thank you!