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new version 0.04 is out

2015-06-12 14:43:08 by leave2gether

Hi guys,


new version 0.04 is out! 

It includes many small nice stuff like Casey body & dressing reshaped, character visualization in dialog clips, else... 
But main point is that this is the first release, that provides some game engine, small but full 2 quest chains... and 'no more walking' - even though I'm not sure if this is better

Try new version, or check change log.


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2015-08-14 16:54:07

I really liked that it is now focused on the dialogue instead of wandering around truth be told, epecially in the early stages, when you add more things we can find if we walk around and not focusing on the "story-mode" you should change it to so that we walk around by ourselves. Because like in your last Version, one could walk around and one would Waste time on going around looking for something one may have missed.

So for now, keep it like this, but later, please change them if you add random "sex encounters"... Talking like it is an RPG. but hey it Works.